The Clockhouse Inn fire in Chideock

Bank holiday Monday was such a sad day here in Chideock, we lost one of our favourite pubs to a chimney fire. It started at around 1140 in the morning when we noticed some flames coming from the top of the right hand chimney stack. We ran up to the pub to make sure that anyone that was in there was out and called the fire brigade.
Within 10 min the thatch next to the chimney was smouldering and by the time the fire brigade arrived it was well and truly alight.

Apparently, when thatch catches alight from underneath, as in this case, it’s really difficult to put out. The thatch is burning underneath and the water from the Fire Brigade goes on top but doesn’t seep through… Thatch is, after all designed not to let water through!

The Fire Brigade smothered the adjoining thatched property with foam to prevent that going up in flames also… Good job they did!

All we could then do was watch as the fire slowly took hold and burnt its way through the entire building. By about 6 PM the road was opened again with traffic lights but the traffic remains complete chaos through Chideock. (As at Wed 8th April)

As I look out of our window we can see the remains of the beautiful pub, our thoughts go to Mike, Helen and the family as they rebuild their beloved business… I’m sure the local Chideock villages and businesses will help them rebuild, restore and relive their dream.

The clock house inn

The Clockhouse Inn as as was

Red Cross rest station

The Red Cross Set up A fire crew rest station around the corner

Battling the blaze in Chideock

Battling the blaze in Chideock

Battling the blaze in Chideock

The fire crew use our spare downstairs toilet!


CLOCK HOUSE FIRE DISASTER APPEAL – An Appeal is being started under the auspices of St. Giles Church and the Parish Council to help Michael and Helen Long and their children to recover from the disaster. All donations of any amount however large or small, or offers of practical help, will be welcomed.

Donations should be handed in at the Village Shop or given to any Church officer (Cheques should be made in favour of “St. Giles Church Chideock” ).

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