Holiday booking advice to ensure you get to stay in the place you want

It’s now 2nd March 2015 and only one month until Easter holidays. We’ve already had four enquiries to book our accommodation for that period, so unfortunately that leaves three couples continuing their search for finding somewhere to stay. It’s not something we like to see, so what can you do about it?

Popular accommodations and venues will always look up fast, some of them even book year-to-year with the same people so here’s our advice on booking the¬†holiday accommodation that you want.

  1. Begin your research early. Accommodations which rank highly in the search results are probably popular, if you’re simply doing Google searches for accommodations in your chosen area if they appear towards the top of the search engines then they are more than likely well visited websites with popular places to stay. When it’s coming up to any form of holiday particularly Easter or any of the school half term breaks we recommend booking at least two months in advance. Our first booking for Easter this year was made in February and since then we have had three further enquiries the same dates.
  2. Decide on the type of accommodation and then search accordingly. With had a few additional enquiries from people looking to stay with large families. Our accommodation is small and is more suitable for couples. Make sure you know the number of rooms and/or as required and do your research. If you make an enquiry at an accommodation which actually isn’t suitable for you then you waste valuable time waiting for that person to get back to you.
  3. Make multiple enquiries. Whilst you can’t make multiple bookings you can make multiple enquiries at an early date to see if accommodations have spaces. You can then enter them into your shortlist at an early date.
  4. Plan your holiday. Rather than making a last-minute decision for a quick getaway which can lead you disappointed we recommend planning your stay. This means you get to choose the accommodation you want at a time that is convenient to you.

Any good quality accommodation will also have links with the local area, if that particular place you want to stay in can’t accommodate you then ask for recommendations of other places to stay‚Ķ Good quality accommodation will always be happy to help.