Help Save the Clock House Inn

You may remember a previous blog post I wrote about the disastrous fire at the Clock House Inn in Chideock. Unfortunately this is another post about that same beautiful pub.

Whilst the pub was fully insured for more than the amount required to rebuild it, the insurance company have decided they aren’t going to pay the full rebuilding cost. This leads the project short by £275,000, and this money is needed quickly.

The lovely family of Mike and Helen long may be homeless come April next year if the pub isn’t completed. They will also have heavy penalties on the scaffolding which has already been placed around the pub to protect it from further weather damage prior to the building works commencing.

Not only has this beautiful village lost a meeting place which was central to village life but the friendliest family I know have lost their business, their house and all their possessions. Their children have emptied their piggy banks and raised £8 which they’ve donated to the fund… It’s just so sad.

All Mike and Helen want to do is to do what they do best, to run a local pub.

All they want is the business back as it was before and a home to live in.

It’s breaking the landlord, Mike’s heart to have to set up a GoFundMe page.

Think it doesn’t affect you? Think again.

I understand that you’re not having to claim on your insurance and that you are fully insured, but the day before his home and business burned down Mike thought the same!

If all you do is pass this message on then you’re helping. If you can give something also then you’re helping even more.


How can you show your support?

  1. Please show your support by giving anything you can afford here
  2. Please share this message on social media, simply share the GoFundMe page and use the hash tag #savetheclockhouse

Thank you.