Smiling for summer holiday photographs

All smiles for summer – or is it?

Preparing your teeth, gums and smile for the summer

It’s February and summer is not too far off in the future. Are you ready for it?

Every year the question about smiling for your holiday photographs becomes a reality for so many people, they pack their bags, don their sunglasses, oil themselves with some cream, then go to smile for the camera only to realise they don’t have the confidence to smile without putting their hand over their mouths.

Recognise that?

In order to help you smile more beautifully for your summertime photographs we’ve written this little article to let you know the timescales you need to be thinking about if you want to get ready for the summer season… It’s only a few months away and now is the time to start.

4 months to summer smiles

At this point in time you can be thinking about:

  • Replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge. We all know how bad that gap looks at the front, would you just about had enough time to get to the dentist and get a dental bridge to sort it.
  • Repairing broken down or chipped teeth with a dental crown or veneer. Crowns veneers can be an excellent way to restore smile… 4 months is the ideal time to get this sorted
  • Straightening crooked teeth. You might find this is a little more difficult, orthodontics can often take six months to a year, there is however a revolutionary technique called the Inman aligner which can straighten teeth in 16 weeks. It can only straight in front teeth, so our dental sources tell us, so if you want straight teeth at the front you better get thinking about orthodontics now.

2 months to summer smiles

There is still just enough time to go for a dental bridge, dental crown but you’ll probably find that straightening teeth with the Inman aligner is now not possible in only 2 months.

1 month to summer smiles

Okay, we are now cutting it fine… But, there is still enough time to have teeth whitening, teeth whitening can whiten teeth extremely rapidly it is reported, so with only a few weeks until the summer it’s best to get a visit to the dentist booked straightaway.

Shrik Kotecha, a dentist in Leicester who has been a ‘Gold’ member of the British Dental Bleaching Society and has been trained by some of the leading experts in the field of professional tooth whitening says:

Some people like their teeth to look naturally brighter, while others dream of a Hollywood smile. Whatever your choice, Enlighten is the only tooth whitening system in the world to guarantee the teeth will get to a VITA shade B1, which is the whitest shade on a regular dentist shade guide. They will often go above this scale…

So, will you be smiling this year in your summer holiday photographs?

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